Donors Save Lives - You Are Their Guardian Angels

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~Scroll down for pics of the kitties and the sanctuary~

A very special thank you to our director,  who volunteered his time to install all of the plumbing and two sinks at our sanctuary! Thanks to donors, Purrfect Fence and many of our friends, our feral feline friends are enjoying new lives.

The sanctuary is nestled in 43 acres of serene beauty.


Feline Fantasy Sponsors Needed

Many times our feline friends at the sanctuary are forgotten. Out of site, out of mind. Please show them you care by becoming a sponsor for just $10 per month. Your sponorship will ensure they can remain a permanent resident and help provide everything they need.

Kitties in need of Sponsors:

Biggems - white male, age 3, ongoing URI (Would love a permanent home)

Pretty Girl - female, 3 yrs, calico dmh, very shy

Veena -  3 yrs, female, calico, semi-feral, but so sweet natured

Phil - 4 yr, black male, very nervous, but such a clown

Little Gym - tiger male, 2 yrs, FIV positive, feral, lost one eye

Little Geanie - (escaped, still trying to trap)

Gagney - orange male, feral - but loves moist food

Star bright - black female, 2 yrs, feral - loves to hide

Pheonix - black female, 3 yrs - most gorgeous green eyes

Sabrina - black, silky female 3 yrs, semi-feral when she wants to be

Blonde - white female 3 yrs, semi-feral, loves to be petted but gives you a swat

Buttercup - calico, female, semi-feral when she wants to be, a real clown

Timmy - white/gray, dmh male, ongoing medical problems, lives for moist food

Cosmo - tiger male, 3 yrs, temporary resident

Comet - light gray tiger male, 3 yrs, semi-feral ongoing medical concerns, sweet

Cody - large black male, so, so sweet, ongoing medical care needed

Charity - sm tiger female 2 yrs, ongoing medical concerns

Chasity - tiger female, 2 yrs,  semi-feral, likes to hide

Cain - lrg tiger male, getting larger by the day, 3 yrs - semi-feral

Caina - white/tiger, female, 2 yrs, very nasty, but she's a lot of fun, real talker

Cookie - tiger male, 1 yr, ongoing medical, very sweet

Cakes - Cookie's sister, tiger female, nasty, but loves moist food

Waters - female tiger, 8 yrs, very sweet, ongoing medicals

Clammy - gray dmh, 2 yrs, semi-feral, nobody wanted to work with him when he was a kitten

Coral - white/black female 2 yrs, Clammy's sister

Ike - 1 yr, orange male, feral but peeks out often

Big Boy Orange male, 2 yrs, semi-feral, FIV positive

Wobby - white/gray, female, 3 yrs,  cerebellar hypoplasia

Sprite - tiger/white 2 yr, male, cerebellar hypoplasia

Fusion - 3 yr white female, cerebellar hypoplasia

Mittens Kittens - 4 yr, male, tiger/white, FIV, no body wanted this awesome boy!

New - B, black male with cute white chest, 3 yrs, semi-feral but getting sweeter everyday

New - Bay, black 2 yr, female, feral - ongoing medicals

Mr Smokey Bones - 18 yr, gray male - so sweet, if he would just stay off the counters before he hurts himself (would love donations of Fancy Feast)

Blackie- 10 yr,  male, black Pomeranian - potty issues

Parker - orange male, 1 yr - semi-feral, loves moist food

Please sponsor one of these wonderful kitties, they need you! We'll send you a picture and biography of each pet you sponsor and updates!

 Though the first days are spent hiding, in fear of this new place, most quickly learn that this is their home and at last they are happy to roam cage-free, watching the countless birds that feed and nest only a foot from their viewing windows, playing on the many 'cat-gyms' our volunteers have made for us, or exercising their claws on the orignal beams that support the structure. They can hear the crickets sing their sweet song, they can pounce on the occasional spider who was foolish enough to make its presence known, they can watch relaxingly out the windows as typical NH storms come and go. The beauty and serenity of the area has grasped their souls forever. No longer will they live in fear, searching for enough substance to keep them going just one more day. Because of people like you who send their financial support, these precious beings have been given a second chance.

Biggems resting in the morning sun

Xmas Is For Kitties!...Our sanctuary residents have had a wonderful holiday season in their new home. They even got their own tree hung with plastic ornaments and kitty toys so they could bat off when ever they felt the urge WITHOUT being yelled at. Of course the humans were responsible for putting the ornaments back on everyday. They even got a nice surprise from a local woman who brought over a tray of 'kitty grass' for them to munch on. Once they were done munching and playing they spent their time relaxing in their beds listening to the wonderful holiday music.


 Timmy Enjoying The New Stairway

With over $30,000 in renovations (made possible by  anonymous donors) the 1200 sq ft barn has been transformed into a 'kitty palace.' Each and ever piece has been constructed keeping a cat's perspective in mind. The gorgeous staircase that joins the two floors was carefully  constructed by my husband - a project of this magnitude he never considered attempting before.   Not only did he save us thousands of dollars in labor costs, but he also learned of his new 'calling'. Thank you honey! Now if we can just get the kitties to stop scratching the railings until we have a chance to finish staining them. The theme of both our sanctuary and our shelter in Buzzards Bay, MA  is 'the good o'l days', a time when things were simpler and people had an appreciation for the living things around them. Every piece of furniture is transformed into a 'kitty hideaway', and no plastic dishes for our pets, they crunch their meals from stemmed glassware.  We want to do away with the traditional 'pound' setting. Our sanctuary and hopefully our new adoption center will be decorated in antiques, fine pictures, furniture etc., in the hopes the setting will impress upon people that these living creatures are valuable and not something that should just be thrown away the minute they do something wrong or once they tire of them. Keeping a pet is a life-long commitment, just like we have with a spouse or our children - for better or for worse. It's amazing how people pamper their cars and don't mind spending thousands of dollars to fix them, but should poor kitty or doggy get sick they find it easier and cheaper to end their life and go out and get a new one.


Sanctuary Requirements:

Good news spreads fast. We have already been inidated with calls, emails from people wanting to place their pet into sanctuary care. A Helping Paw, being no-kill, was quickly filling up with pets deemed 'unadoptable' by society. Some of these pets are shy, some have simple medical issues, either way, these pets were never given a second look by adopters. We needed a permanent home for these pets that would move them out of the shelter, making more room for 'adoptable' pets. Thus the sanctuary idea was born.

We're sorry, due to limited room, we are currently only taking in pets through our 'Everlasting Care' program. This program is set up for those who truly desire a permanent home for their pet should something happen to them. Sadly, as much as we would like to help every pet, we just don't have the resources. Our program offers permanent care of a pet to those individuals who are financially able to provide sanctuary care for the rest of that pet’s life. This offers individuals peace of mind should they pass away or no longer be able to care for their beloved pet.


Supplies and funds needed for sanctuary:

Relaxing cd's such as celtic music etc.

Lots of toys and play things, by special request - more cat nip!

Although we are fortunate enough not to have to pay for electricty and phone, we still need to pay for the heating bill.

More cages: We need several new cages and would like to get several outside dog runs so we can accept more dogs.


Please help our sanctuary grow  we have the space, now all we need is the funding. All donations are tax deductible and can be sent to our main office at PO Box 387, Buzzards Bay, MA 02532.