Behind the Scenes

Thanks to the hard work of our volunteer AHP team, we've been in Cat Fancy Magazine, Humane Shelter Best Ideas, seen on CNN and Fox news!


A Helping Paw Inc. is a registered 501 (c) 3, volunteer  run organization. Here at A Helping Paw Humane Society, we see the value in every pet. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and since our beginnings in 1998, we’ve been driven by the same ideas we initially founded our Non-Profit Organization upon: support, empowerment, and progress. No one person or organization can do it alone, thus the name A Helping Paw.


Besides the many life-saving programs we offer, we also provide FUREVER care to over 30 pets each and everyday. The majority of these pets were unable to be adopted and set to be  euthanized,  because of behavioral  or chronic health issues. Some of their conditions have been extreme 


We also specialize in  CH/Neurologically impaired kitties. They may have physical disabilities but never tell them that! To help others looking to adopt or care for CH pets we provide support all over the US. Thanks to our dedicated care team of volunteers, their lives have been saved! No longer scared, stressed, hungry and alone, they now enjoy happy lives in enriched environments with loving caregivers. 

In the last 20 plus years we've helped over 75,000 pets in one way or another. Proof a small organization can do BIG things with friends like YOU! 

We thank you for sharing in our passion, and changing the world one pet at a time. 

From all the volunteers at AHP

Happy trails ~ happy tails and whiskers! 

*Your privacy is important to us. A Helping Paw Inc. does not and will never sell or rent donor information. 



Privacy is just important to us as it is you. These days controlling who has access to personal information is crucial. That's why we take your privacy very seriously. 

  • Only our Director and CPA handle donations sent by mail and on-line. All credit card transactions are processed using trusted, secure methods. 

  • Unlike many places, we will NEVER sell donor names to clearing houses. 

  • Personal information such as name/address/phone number are again never shared outside of A Helping Paw Inc's use and are kept secure. 

Conflict Policy 

No 'sell' policy. 

No member of AHP (board member, volunteer/staff) is allowed to gain 'benefit' from their work related to the business of A Helping Paw Inc. AHP is ALL about the animals and that is our focus. 

Contact names/info should never be used to solicit donations/business for personal use. 

As much as we know you appreciate our volunteers hard work, gifts to a volunteer are not allowed without the approval of a director. AHP is a team effort and it is NOT fair for one volunteer who is better known to receive a gift when another volunteer in the background works just as hard. We do welcome a kind card, note or letter so we can share with all our volunteers. 

Anyone taking advantage of this policy will be asked to leave. 


Show off your pet!

We love sharing photos of pets we've helped. Our donors and hard working members love to see all those adorable furry faces! 

If you received services through one of our many 'community' programs please, please send in your photos! It's a great way to thank all of our members, donors and veterinarians  for their kind support!

When you submit a pet photo to us, you are giving permission for us to use your photo on our web sites and in our newsletters. We only post the pets name and town, unless a photo credit would like to be added. 

Unless the photo was taken by us, all ownership remains with the person submitting the photo. 

Absolutely, no text or photos are to be taken from our Facebook pages and web site without our permission to do so is a violation of copyright laws.