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Learn More About These Majestic Felines

A Helping Paw has a huge heart for feral felines. We've been working with feral cats for over 20 years and we are honored to be part of their world. Ferals do not often meow or even purr, but if you take the time to listen they will speak to you with their eyes. When we first started working with these magnificent felines, feral programs were rare and few. Sadly, ignorance of humans who see these lovely beings as dangerous disease spreading creatures has caused thousands upon thousands to be destroyed. 
   A Helping Paw has been given the most unique opportunity to enter their world through our Forever Ferals Program where ferals who  were due to be destroyed enjoy a safe haven of their own.


  We look forward to providing more information about these incredible felines and even sharing some wonderful stories from our feral care program. 

Our goal at A Helping Paw Humane Society is to ensure every feral cat gets the best they can. Through our team of feral caregivers we feed and provide care to hundreds of feral cats. If you currently  care for a feral kitty or colony and are in need of support please ask about joining our network. 

AHP provides: free/low-cost feral spay/neuter certificates; nutritious food; winter housing; and basic/urgent veterinary care. We also offer ongoing support through one of our experienced feral cat team members. 

Feral Love

In their eyes...

you see their fear

they only wish to feel safe

you see their hunger

they cherish their next meal 

you see their pain

they hurt just like we do

you see their fatigue

they long to sleep deeply

What do they ask of us? They only wish to be respected for who they are, to be free from torment and abuse, to have a meal and fresh water, and maybe a safe place away from the cold to sleep. Most of all they want to live ~ 

Through our feral programs we can erase their fear, their hunger, their pain. Their eyes will begin to shine with new light allowing them to rest peaceful and content. 

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