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Programs for Seniors

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Studies prove that pets can benefit our emotional and physical health. Many seniors live alone and often are isolated. That's why AHP works hard to ensure that seniors can keep their beloved companions. AHP provides food and basic medical care to seniors with fixed incomes over the age of 65. 

*We are currently working on our site, you can view just a few of the programs we have for seniors below. If you are or know of a senior 65 years or older who struggles to pay their bills, and need help from one of the programs below please email us. 

Pet food falls into the bowl for feeding

Meal Delivery

AHP delivers pet food to senior pet owners in need. Email us more more info. 

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Free Ice Melt

We provide one free jug of pet friendly ice-melt to senior dog owners. Email us for more info.

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Vet Care

Aid for Vet Care

Every pet deserve basic vet care. Email us for more info on this program. 

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