Give Your Pet the Gift of a Happier, Healthier Life

As pet parents we always want to give our pets the best. But, sometimes unforeseen circumstances can get in the way.


Spay & neuter benefits ALL pets: altering aids in improved health and behavior for pets with homes and more importantly is the KEY to ending the deaths of fart too many pets left homeless.


  AHP is able to offer qualified, low-income, pet owners and feral cat caregivers with affordable low cost options thanks to the kindness of our volunteers who effortlessly raise funds & sell items, our compassionate donors & generosity of  participating vets who offer discounts. 

If you are  in need please complete our application below. One application for each pet. We do NOT perform spay/neuter surgeries, we sell certificates to vets in our program. Please keep in mind this is a volunteer run program, you should receive a response within 48 hours. *We retain the right to refuse anyone for any reason. 

One litter is too many!

Each year thousands of cats & kittens are killed, simply because there are not enough homes to take them in. They can't afford for us to not spay/neuter - after all their lives depend on it! 

100% of your  donation to our Fix 'N Felines campaign will SAVE lives. We hope you will make a kind donation & give a cat or kitten LIFE!

Did you know? A $50 donation to an adoption program saves the life of one pet ~ that same donation made to our spay/neuter program will save the lives of hundreds if not thousands of pets! 


Instructions 1.  ~complete all required fields and submit.  If  you are NOT  the  owner of the (Ex: feral cat - ) pet and purchasing a certificate for someone else you must let us know at time of payment. Vet records MUST be in owner's name & address. 

                 2. ~ we typically reply within 24 hrs but during busy times may be longer.

                 3. ~ If you are approved we can then send a PayPal invoice or call to take credit card by phone. 

                 4. ~ Once paid we complete your certificate and either email a copy for you to print or mail to the                                                  address you provided. 

                 5. ~ as soon as you get your certificate you will call the phone number on the certificate to make                                                    your appointment. 

* We STRONGLY suggest buying your certificate right away to ensure you get the price we offer. We are a small org and have very limited funding. *Prices may change at anytime. Certificates not paid for within 30 days will expire. 

Spay/Neuter Application ~ Apply NOW! Many programs delayed ~
Please choose:
Is this pet full bred:
Please choose:

Cats only: My cat is not full bred and I would like to speed up my application by paying the regular discounted price below. 

Adding vaccines now saves you money. If your pet isn't current these vaccines are required.
Would you like your certificate sent by mail or email:

* All fields must be completed otherwise there will be a delay in your request. If approved, we use this information to complete your certificate & vet records. 

Meet Our Lifesaving Partners

We can't thank them enough for their kindness & compassion & support of our spay/neuter program that makes it possible to save thousands of lives each year! 

Animal Health Clinic

Marion Animal Hospital

Animal Associates

Pet Partners

NOTE: Our spay/neuter program is up and running. however, please note that because of many requirements & restrictions related to Covid there will be delays in receiving appointments and some price increases. Our volunteers are working hard to help off set the cost to wonderful pets owners so your pet can have a happier longer life from being altered. 

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