Keeping Bellies FULL! 

A Helping Paw's Pet Food Pantry provides thousands of delicious meals. While originally the program enabled pet food pick up  directly at our location, as our program grew, far too many  pets outside our pick-up area were left without help.  With a goal of wanting every pet to have a full bowl, we  decided AHP needed a 'virtual' pet food pantry. 

While we still have announced pet food pick up days at our location, we can now have healthy meals delivered right to a pet's door. This is especially a wonderful benefit for those without transportation. In addition, AHP works with  pet food pantries in under serviced rural areas to enable us to reach out to those most in need. 

Typically AHP provides one-time food deliveries to those in need. For seniors and those with chronic health issues on fixed incomes  we can often provide additional food as needed. 

*Food Pantries that service small areas are always welcome to submit a request for our next Feed-A-Pet event. 

To submit a request for food please complete our form below. 

Meiko & Marley

Photo courtesy of: Trisha Maine

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Those at most risk:

Protecting pet owners at increased risk & keeping them home safe while supporting their beloved pets. 



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A special thank you to our donors & hardworking volunteers who make it possible to provide thousands of meals to pets in need. 

Those facing financial crisis:

At times of crisis, thousands upon thousands of pets lose their homes and are placed at high risk of death. At AHP we help keep pets home where they belong with their loving owners. 

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*Please be sure to use your delivery address. Food deliveries may be delayed a week or two so please do not wait to request food.  

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Please note, unlike most organizations, we are not paid. Our members volunteer time to help you and your pet. You can thank us by completing our 'testimonials' form ~ this will help us raise more funds for more pets just like yours.