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   Sometimes they find us ...

   Charlie came to us (literally) around the winter of 2004. We spent the next three winters trying to befriend this very wild and feral boy. 

   Since, he has joined our 'family' as our dutiful hunter and expert rodent controller. He is a truly amazing kitty and has taught us so much about life. No matter what Charlie has faced, and he has faced some truly challenging times, he does it with such perseverance - an incredible will to survive at all odds.

  It is guessed that Charlie is some 20 plus years. He required most of his teeth removed, leaving him with one canine tooth in front.  He no longer hunts, though we did find him with some remians of likely a kill from another kitty, and he will not go outside unless we are by his side. His sight is failing, but he is a master of manevering even making his way to  his kitty box and favorite spot on the sofa. He's a good old boy ~ and always looks forward to his special meal. We feel so fortunate to have been part of his life and we will be there every step of the way until it is his time to go. To read more about Charlie please continue...

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