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    When I was only 6 months old, my sister Bitsy and I were brought to a high kill animal shelter. We were so scared. But it must have been our lucky day, an animal control officer working in the area decided to rescue us and bring us to A Helping Paw. 

   We had lost the only place we called home and went through quite an ordeal so all we did was hide for weeks. While we felt safe, everything around us was new. 

   After time we developed trust in our human caregivers and we actually started to enjoy our interactions, they were so very kind and patient with us. Not long after, a lovely lady came and adopted us. We finally had our own home and enjoyed it so much. but, many years later we do not know why, the lady didn't want us anymore, so we were brought back to AHP. Again we were scared and starting all over.

   Many people came to visit us, but because we weren't outgoing nobody wanted us until one day a lady who said she retired from animal rescue work wanted to give us a forever home. At first we were very, very happy in our new home away from the other kitties, but things changed. We found out she didn't really want us after all. She had no intention in keeping us. It seems because we had been at AHP for over a year, she thought she could do better at finding us a home. AHP knows finding a home isn't enough, not every pet is right for every home. Finding the right match is crucial in order to prevent adopted pets from losing their homes and being put back into the 'system'. 


   So the lady  placed adds and posted our photos at local pet stores trying to adopt us out. Problem was, she misled people about our true personalities in order to find us a home quickly. We wanted a new family to love us for just the way we were, after all that would be the only true home that mattered. 

   Again luck was with us, a volunteer saw the poster and quickly took steps to get us back. It wasn't long before we were safely back at AHP with compassionate  caregivers who loved us just the way we were. 


   It was decided considering how many homes we had been through and the trauma it caused us every time we were relocated that we would stay in foster care until the right home was found. Sadly, a while later sis Bitsy developed an illness so any new placement was put on hold. 

   In time, Sis passed away. Now a senior and doing so very well, no longer hiding or showing fear, it was decided I should never have to lose my home again, I was told i could stay and be part of  AHP's Furrever Care program. I am now one happy very relaxed girl who is now very social, wanting to chat up a storm and even go for shoulder rides. I am one lucky girl to have such happy senior years. 


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