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Blueberry aka Lil' Boo

   AHP received a call that a mom cat and several of her kittens were being traumatized by children at a local apartment complex. The kittens only three weeks old, were horrifically chased and tormented.

   With the help of some truly caring volunteers, mom and two of the babies were rescued and made there way to AHP. One  kitten (we named Cranberry)  had climbed into a tree for safety to only fall and require extensive surgery to repair the damage to her insides. After her delicate surgery and recovery a loving couple adopted her into their family. Sadly, she may always suffer health issues due to the damage she incurred. 


 Her sister, Lil Boo while not suffering from a physical injury was left emotionally traumatized. The hopes were she would graduate from our rehabilitation program and be placed into a loving family, but any progress she made relapsed. Soon this became her traditional pattern. 

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