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A Helping Paw Humane Society specializes in CH kitties - kitties with neurological disorders that cause physical disabilities. We support pet owners all over the US who have or wish to care for these special kitties. We've recently included the doggos to! P.S. Don't tell them they are disabled, they have no clue ~ they are just happy, happy enjoying life! 


Poe - bio...

   I was born with severe neurological issues that prevent me from using my rear legs and that cause nasty tremors. I had a home but as I got older they could no longer meet my extensive needs. That's how I found my way to A Helping Paw at just 5 months of age.


   Not having use of my rear legs I have to drag myself wherever I want to go. My humans use rubber backed carpets so they won't slide around as a grab them. Because I use my sharp claws to help move around on the carpets they are EXTRA sharp! And I LOVE digging into the humans any chance I can, and I'm like quick-draw, I can snag a foot or hand quicker than most of the humans can move so they are always careful around me. They trimmed my nails once so I would stop hurting them, but as they quickly found out it impaired my mobility. So now they just have to be faster than me and I love to see how fast they can move! I always have a smile on my face when i get one. 

   Because I was so naughty in my previous home I didn't get a lot of human interaction.  It took a while but I learned I can communicate my needs with my new caregivers. If I just need help getting to the water bowl or if doggy ate all my food I simply call to let them know. And my favorite! After I have an accident (well not really an accident as I don't have the mobility to use a litter box) I love calling out to them to come clean up my mess. This is the time I can usually take advantage and get an unsuspecting swipe of my claws in if they aren't careful. It's my favorite game it is sure does make me smile! 

   I'm just so thankful the awesome folks at AHP have given me a permanent home where I can flourish and grow without restrictions. It is an awful lot of work caring for me, and being daggered with my sharp claws frequently, but they spoil me so! 

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