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Daisy, Daisy Dukes

I had an amazing home. Even though I chased and tormented their small child, they did everything they could to get me help. They put up with it for several years, but it just go too much. I was hurting their offspring. 

They promised me I would get a new home without little ones. They called all over Massachusetts, the second the shelter staff heard how 'aggressive' (that means stunning right?) they said they couldn't help. YIKES, many places said I was dangerous and it was best if I was put down, I don't like the sounds of that! That doesn't sound nice at ALL! 

My mom was frantic, she even cried. She knew I needed a new home without small feet but no one wanted me, worse my life was at risk! Her last call was to A Helping Paw, the shelter lady was very patient hearing my mom tell all about me. And suddenly mom  got so excited, she said they would take me! I wasn't going to be killed she promised. She said she works with special animals like me. She even said if I couldn't be adopted I would get to stay forever! Can you imagine. Mom was shocked, she couldn't believe it! 

Daisy started in our regular kitty program but after a short period we found she has a great many fears. Could be trauma suffered as a kitten or possibly a neurological issue. When she becomes scared (and it doesn't take much) she will go in full attack mode and will go after who ever is nearest. This is typical in birds but not normal in cats. Because of these issues she has been provided a spare guest quarters of her very own. As long as we enter her area, and speak calmly she remains controlled. However even if something falls off the counter she will be triggered.


Beyond being office shredder she also keeps our printer warm and ensures it is functioning at full capacity. She must check it often as we do find little hairs, hmmm. To keep her little active mind busy we provide her with new things all the time and provide other sources of enrichment. To the pleasure of our vet who is in no rush to see her again, (we promised to repair all the damage!) she has been purrfectly healthy otherwise. Oh, and did we mention she has recently taken up home decor? Yes, she will remove any photos off the walls she feels are outdated and likes to move her water bowl around the room. She has clearly been practicing this a while as not a drop of water is ever spilt. Of course we've nearly broken our ankle as we enter the room not suspecting we'd step in a water bowl. She is a joy. PS last year she invited a flying squirrel to join her for supper, Took weeks to remove the little dinner crasher but we got him. 

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