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& Sanctuary for Special Needs Pets
Serving Southeastern Massachusetts & Parts of
New Hampshire 
Working Toward a Brighter Future
The No-kill Way

Donate Supplies

A Helping Paw Inc.

75 Main S, # 82

Concord, NH 03301

Urgently needed: canned cat & dog food, cat litter, laundry detergent, dry cat food, pee pads. 

Pennies for Pets

Children love helping out. A fun way to get kids involved. Simply collect as many pennies (all change welcome!) as you can from friends & relatives. Simply bring your rolled coins to a bank and ask for a money order. Send to our P O Box and we will send a special thank you package!  

Need help with your pet? Click on: Spay/Neuter or Food Pantry

Does your pet need a home? We can help!
Rehoming a pet is not an easy decision. Home to home placement is often the right choice, especially for pets who may become  stressed in a shelter setting. We are working with Adopt A Pet to ensure every pet has a home.  Simply click the ad below to start finding a local home for your pet. Please also send photos and a short bio to us to place directly on our site to share with thousands of pet lovers.  

Kitty Love

How YOU  can help & Community Sponsors

It takes a community to care. You don't need a lot of time or money to do your part to save lives. Small gestures of kindness make all the difference. Learn more about how you can join us in changing the future for pets! 

Cute Pug on Sofa

Wiskers' Shop

Since 1998 Whiskers' Shop has been selling gently used and new items to raise funds for pets in urgent need. 

Come check out our many great items! Guilt free shopping knowing your purchases save lives!

Twin Dogs

Meet Our Pets

Did you know we help over 30 special needs pets everyday? That's some truly special love. Plus we help hundreds of felines through our Feral Friends Network. Come see just a few of our pets. 

Marble Surface

Putting your Donations To Work

Cat and Food

Food & Supplies

Each year we provide thousands of bowls of food to feral cats and pets in need.

Veterinarian with Dog

Medical Care

Not one pet should ever lose their life due to lack of funds for medical care. Our Angel fund gives pets the life-saving care they need. 

Cat With Blue Eyes


It's tragic  pets are destroyed simply because there are not enough homes.  Our spay/neuter programs prevents  additional unwanted pets & save thousands of lives each year. 

jitter bug fund.jpg


Providing Care to Pets with

Neurological Disabilities

For over 20 years A Helping Paw has been working with pets who were either born with or developed neurological physical disabilities. 

We call them our little 'troopers' . Often people feel so sorry for them and say they should be put down. True they have disabilities, BUT don't tell them that, they have no clue! 

We have dedicated ourselves to helping these special pets to help their true personalities blossom! 

Read More About the Pets We've Helped
A girl and her dog


Our Roots

A Helping Paw Humane Society was founded in 1998 with one goal in work with the community to end the destruction of innocent pets by providing valuable no-kill solutions for a brighter future. 


Did You Know? Pet Statistics

Learn  more about the tragic pet over-population issues and how you can help.

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"When my neighbor was going to throw two kittens in the woods I was horrified. I din't have the money to take them in, but I knew I needed to do something. AHP provided me with two low cost spay certificates which made it possible for these two babies to become part of my family". 


Suzanne, Wareham

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